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Sia's All-time Best

Jul 05, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Sia Furler became a household sensation after hits like Chandelier, Elastic Heart, and Alive, but despite her massive, undeniable talent, this Australian pop singer and songwriter remains underrated.

The introverted artist shied away from fame and attributed her distinct face covering to hiding from the dark side of fame. She is an Australian Golden Globe-nominated downtempo, pop, Jazz singer, and songwriter. At the ARIA music awards of 2009, she won the award for Best Music DVD and received six nominations at the ARIA music awards of 2010. She also won Best Independent Release and Best Pop release for her song We are Born and Best videos for Clap your Hands.

Sia has collaborated with artists like Christina Aguilera, Hilltop hoods, David Guetta, Flo Rida, Afro Jack, Shakira, and Rihanna. Her songs Titanium (with David Guetta) and Wild Ones (with Flo Rida) have received international success. Some of her best works include; Unstoppable, Chandelier, Cheap thrills, Del mar ( with Ozuma, Doja cat), Genius (with Diplo, Labrinth, and LSD), Elastic heart, Snowman, Thunderclouds ( with Diplo, Labrinth, and LSD), Dynamite (Sean Paul feat. Sia), Titanium ( with David Guetta). Her work constitutes over 100+ records, including features.

Sia performing at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Kevin Winter/BBMA2020

The talented mezzo-soprano singer went from being a band member to a bonafide solo sensation and hit-making songwriter for chart-topping stars while redefining pop music. So much of her music is so raw and spontaneous, and her songwriting is so amazeballs; she understands that music is a form of art and expresses herself very well. But, for some reason, she is not receiving all the accolades she deserves. She is an underrated pop artist who has recently been making waves as a global sensation with her unique sound blended with hip-hop and EDM, which is sure to win over the hearts of any listener.