Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Jun 23, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Human life is rife with relationships. We manage different relationships simultaneously on a daily basis without a second thought, primarily because humans are social beings. Leaning on someone during times of trouble and sharing your joy with those closest to you are the highlights of one’s life. Of course the big achievements matter, but they become extra special when you have your relations with you in those moments. However, often relationships can become toxic with time or experiences or they can even start off toxic right from the beginning. Toxic relationships can cause more trouble than they are worth. Mending those relationships should always be the initial step, because relationships are valuable and it is extremely painful to lose a relationship. However, in some unfortunate cases, some relationships are simply too horrible and broken to be mended despite best efforts. Also, a relationship can only be healthy or become healthy if there is effort from both sides. It is very important to be able to identify healthy and toxic relationships in order to appropriately approach them. Here are some signs of healthy relationships:

Respect – one of the most crucial elements of any relationship. Both members respect and value each other. No one feels demeaned, or taken for granted in a healthy relationship. A respect for boundaries and preferences from a relation is a standard expectation. Even if you differ in your viewpoints, both members should be able to respectfully disagree instead of arguing. You can agree to disagree.

No Fear of Communication – members are not afraid to voice their concerns or disagreements in a healthy relationship, as they expect their relations to work together to resolve the issue. Members find no reason to be afraid of one another in a healthy relationship. Respecting someone and being afraid of someone are entirely different things.

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You enjoy each other’s company – going out every night is not a confirmed sign of a healthy and happy relationship. A comfortable silence between members in a relationship can be extremely beautiful.