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Slow Travel Might Be The Future Of Holidaying

Sep 24, 2021 ByAshley Jobrien

Byway was started in 2020 as a way for travellers to plan ‘slow routes’ while not having to stress over the logistical difficulties of using multiple methods of travel in a single trip. A slow route, or slow travel, is a purposeful way of travelling where the emphasis is put on enjoying the journey and often involves using more old-fashioned methods of transport, like ferries, trains and buses, over quick-fix methods such as flying or renting a car.

Turkey Ferry Istanbul

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The founder of the company, Cat, spoke to and in her interview discussed why she believes slow travel is the future and just how her company creates a way for travellers to enjoy the perks of slow travelling without getting bogged down in the details that can often make it intimidating; “slow travel trips feel gorgeous and romantic and the idea is so seductive but the act of trying to put a trip together can be a nightmare.”

A further benefit of the slow travelling lifestyle is that it allows for pets to also join you on your journeys, something that is usually impossible using traditional travel methods. This is in no small part thanks to the reliance on ferries that the service has, often foregoing buses, cars and planes for the more pet-friendly and scenic alternative of using ferries to move from one place to another.

Cat’s company Byway eliminates the need for lengthy and complicated planning by organising your trip for you. Byway’s promises that all their organised trips are flight free. On this subject, Cat said: “We want to make the most of travelling through rather than flying over the top”.

On the topic of her own favourite ways and destinations to slow travel to, Cat strongly recommends taking the train down to Paris and then going on a train journey from Marseille to Corsica.