South Korean Restroom Cultural Park

South Korean Restroom Cultural Park

By - February 13, 2018

The world is full of weird theme parks with concepts that you’d never even imagine in your wildest dreams. But a toilet theme park? That’s definitely a first!


This strange and hilarious theme park is known as the Restroom Cultural Park and is located in Suwon, South Korea.  The entire property is centered around toilets. The main hall is in the shape of a massive toilet and the road that leads up to it is full of human-like figures sitting in a squat position. It also hosts exhibits with WC signs from throughout the world, and art that is of course, toilet-themed.


How this park came about is a story in and of itself. The place is reported to have once been the home of the Sim Jae-duck, the previous Mayor of the city of Suwon. He is reported to have been born in his grandmother’s bathroom. He felt so inspired by this that he built his house shaped as toilet.  In the 1980’s he led a campaign to improve the toilet system in South Korea. For these reasons, he was deemed Mr. Toilet of South Korea. When he died in 2009, South Korea turned his property into a toilet park.


Although the place carries a very humorous connotation, it is also intended to portray a more serious one as well, with many of the exhibitions aiming to promote more awareness of the poor conditions of public toilets in the world.


One of the Restroom Cultural Park employees, Lee Youn-Sook explains that a toilet is not only a place for excretion, but can also save mankind from diseases, and is a place for introspection that possesses culture.


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