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Sports Brand ASICS Uplifting One Million Minds Through Movement

Jun 07, 2021 ByMarc Gordon

On Global Running Day 2021 ASICS invited the world to take part in its massive research project, titled “Uplifting One Million Minds”. The project’s aim was to demonstrate the incredible power exercise can have on our lives and the uplifting impact that movement makes. The worldwide study incorporated self-reported data and data collected through the Race Roster and ASICS Runkeeperâ„¢ apps to create metrics of core cognitive and emotional functions and states – such as confidence, energy, relaxation, focus, and alertness. The data was then converted into a dynamic and interactive World Uplift Map that quantifies and represents the collective effect that sports and movement have on cities, countries, and the globe.

multicolor marathon

Gettyimages/Kamil Karzcynski/AFP

Prior to the gigantic global study, ASICS collaborated with elite athletes across multiple disciplines and leading scientific experts to explore the effects that movement had on their lives. The pilot study was developed by EMOTIV, a cutting-edge bioinformatics group located in San Francisco, and Dr. Brendon Stubbs, a lead researcher at King’s College London. The study was conducted using EEGs and self-report data to demonstrate the causal link between running and key elements of a happy and healthy person. The findings were of an increase of 14.4% in confidence, 9.7% in energy, and 13.3% in relaxation – to name a few.

On the importance of the study, the COO and President of ASICS Yasuhito Hirota had this to say: “the uplifting power of sport is a constant that endures, that’s why our sole ambition is to empower as many people as possible to experience the physical and mental benefits of movement. By taking part in any number of our different events and activities running across the year, you’ll contribute to vital research to help us further understand the uplifting effect of sport. That way we can continue finding new ways to highlight and unlock the benefits for everyone in 2022 and beyond.”