Stay At Home World Records You Can Break

May 23, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

We’ve all fantasized about breaking records at some point in our lives. Since Roy Castle picked up his trumpet and played that theme tune, it’s been pounded into us that devotion is all you need to succeed at everything. From the Guinness Book of Records archives, here are incredible records you can attempt to break by yourself. These records can all be made at home or in the garden and provide some ideas for you or your children.

You’ve probably completed this record if you’re feeling cold without realizing it. If you want to be official about it, you need to beat Ted Hastings’ record of wearing 260 at once. You may use any size t-shirt for this, short or long-sleeved, and you can enlist the help of a friend to pull them down. Please, only one at a time (t-shirts, not friends).

This one is for my foodies; there’s no need to be shy if you regularly eat pizza with a fork. You will be excused if you try to break the record. The current record holder is Kelvin Medina of the Philippines, who ate 12 inches of pizza with a fork in under 23.62 seconds. That was lightning fast. The condition is that you must have also swallowed it. For this record, you may use Smarties or M&Ms, whichever you choose, and this one might be simple to beat. It’s easy to eat 20 Smarties in one minute, but do you need to blindfold yourself and use a chopstick? That alters things a little because you can only pick up one Smartie or M&M at a time.

Pizza Margarita with mozzarella and basil leaves and pesto sauce, on a white plate, on the table in a cafe or fast food restaurant. Nearby, a woman cuts off a slice of pizza to eat it. In the hands of cutlery. Traditional Italian cuisine. Vegetarian food.

GettyImages/Aleksandr Zubkov/Moment

The pandemic has taught us to keep as much toilet paper on hand as possible. So why not put those (now) unwanted rolls to good use by competing for the tallest toilet paper tower title? Silvio Sabba (a name that frequently appears on the world record list) now holds the record with 28 rolls. The only restriction is that you can only handle one roll at a time.