Surprising Your Kids

Sep 27, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

When you have young children, it doesn’t take much to cause them to jump with excitement at something unexpected. Thinking creatively is all that is necessary. But, of course, you’ll need to put some serious planning into place if you want to top these huge surprise revelations, from complex pranks to treasure hunts. Surprises can be in various forms, sizes, and, most importantly, financial categories. Just remember that surprising your children doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know a few simple techniques and tricks.

Kids might be thrilled about things that are simple or inexpensive. Have you ever witnessed a child showing more enthusiasm for a package than a brand-new toy in the package itself? Exactly. If you can’t afford something expensive, don’t worry about it. You can think outside the box or substitute it. As governor of the house, you can also proclaim a holiday. The celebration does not necessarily need to occur on a legitimate holiday. Instead, declare it “National Teddy Bear Day” one morning, when all the teddies in the home must receive extra attention, or “Dancing Day,” when you must dance all day long rather than walk!

This is guaranteed to be a favorite with the kids because I enjoy surprises and think they make childhood more magical and a terrific way to show our kids how much we adore them. A “yes day” is a day when you accept all of the child’s suggestions and ideas, even if they are out of the ordinary (like eating breakfast on the kitchen countertop). Of course, you can still establish ground rules that the kid isn’t permitted to breach, such as avoiding risky situations. However, it might be a lot of fun if the kid decides what you’ll do. Start with a “yes morning” to test the waters if you’re not ready for a full day of this.