The Annoying Words Foodies Love Using

The Annoying Words Foodies Love Using

By - August 12, 2018

In recent years, foodies (people who really, really take their food seriously) have managed to make their way into mainstream society through all of their foodie Instagrams and blogs. If you are fortunate enough to now know what a foodie looks like, you can usually spot them at a food truck of trendy vegan concept restaurant with their smartphone raised over their phone for minutes at a time as they flip through various filters.


The photos though, to be honest, are far from the worst thing about foodies. It’s the words that they use to describe what they’re about to eat that makes all of our skin crawl.  Here are some of the most words they love to use.





Artisanal is actually just a fancy word for burned and placed on something other than a normal plate because the restaurant ran out of clean ones.






Craft is actually just short for ‘took forever to make’ and this how we’re telling you. 





Deconstructed just means a bunch of food in a pile for a very high price.


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