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The Art Of Adding Color To Your Outfits

Mar 07, 2022 ByClaire Miles

Is your wardrobe or closet filled with primarily black outfits? Do you want to add colors to your style? If yes, well, you’re in the right place. Sometimes, adding a pop of color to your outfit helps add an extra flair to the finished look. But in wearing colors, it can be easy to go overboard with colors. So here are some tips to consider when you want to wear colors:

Firstly, you should choose a colorful piece in a shape you’d typically wear. The idea is to gradually introduce colors and be comfortable simultaneously. Colors tend to attract attention, so it’s best to be comfortable while at it. If you usually don’t wear ruffles, stay away from frills and color as it’s too much new. Also, it’s best to wear a color you like. Yes, it’s essential to be comfortable and feel good while at it. So, if you’re not a fan of yellow, don’t start with yellow. In addition, start with a more light shade as they attract less attention than more pigmented options.

If you want to play it safe, start with an ombre outfit. Fashion outfits, hairstyles, food, decor, etc., add a beautiful blend of color that makes viewers do a double-take. Ombre outfits involve a single color diminishing in ascending or descending order. 

Street Style : Day Seven - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear F/W 2022-2023

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Next, if you’re not ready for colored outfits, start with accessories like bags, shoes, hairbands, etc. Accessories add a pop of color to your neutral look, and it’s generally easier to incorporate. For example, try adding a brightly colored shoe to an all-black outfit for that extra pop. 

Lastly, pay attention to the kind of outfit. When wearing print outfits, it is best to let the prints shine. They contain a mix and match of various colors, so adding more colors in accessories only makes the finished look clumsier.