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The Benefits of Foam Rolling

Nov 14, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

For both gym beasts and workout realists, it is a great way to release tension and improve the range of motion in muscles. Foam rollers are small pieces of foam rolled over various body parts to help loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow. Foam rolling helps reduce inflammation and increase flexibility, and it has become increasingly popular, not only due to the physical benefits but because of the convenience. If you have been working out regularly, foam rolling will help you recover faster after a workout. You can use a foam roller at home or bring one to the gym. Here are a few benefits of foam rolling.

Did you know it is a great way to improve blood flow throughout our muscles? When we use foam rollers, they help increase the oxygen supply to muscle fibers and promote blood circulation. In turn, this helps reduce stiffness and soreness. Foam rolling also increases flexibility and range of motion. If you want some relief from pain in your back, legs, shoulders, or hips, foam rolling may be just what you need. When we stretch our muscles, they become loose and pliable. Stretching exercises help us maintain good postures and ensure our body stays flexible. While stretching is unsuitable for proper training, foam rolling can help achieve greater flexibility than traditional stretching.

Young woman using foam roller for stretching muscles after an intense weightlifting training

Getty Images/Moment/Oscar Wong

Many people struggle with stress as it can cause tension in joints, muscles, and even our skin. Foam rolling helps deviate these tensions by relaxing our muscles and increasing blood flow. Soreness often occurs after exercising or participating in strenuous activities. Foam rolling relieves soreness caused by overuse or injury. By massaging away tight spots, foam rolling can help loosen stiff muscles and reduce discomfort. If you are prone to joint pains or have a history of sport-related injuries, foam rolling can help keep you safe while playing sports. Foam rolling reduces the risk of injury by loosening tight muscles.