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The Benefits of Jogging

Jul 18, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Jogging is a form of running that takes a slower, yet consistent pace. It is an exercise that is less rigorous than running but naturally harder than walking. A middle ground, if you will. By keeping your feet closer to the earth, you cover less ground with all-around shorter steps. It places less pressure on your body and in doing so allows you to maintain your tempo for longer, making it an excellent exercise to add to your workout routine. Naturally, as with all forms of exercise, there are considerable benefits to jogging.

It is an excellent way to build muscle strength and endurance, especially in the lower half of your body. Jogging actively works out your quadriceps, glutes, calves, and hamstrings, which are the muscles that are actively involved in your mobility. By continuously putting stress on these muscles, they will need to adapt and grow stronger. The end result is greater muscle strength and endurance.

Another benefit that jogging holds for you – which studies are now beginning to show – is a boosted immune system.It may increase the production of macrophages and lymphocytes, which target and attack harmful foreign substances in your body to stave off illness and infection. While this doesn’t necessarily make you immune from illness, it does help you in getting better sooner.

Jogging also has the added and hidden benefit of improving your mental health. This exercise stimulates blood circulation to your brain and affects the part of the brain that responds to stress and improves your mood. This is why jogging is an excellent activity that allows you to clear your head instead of letting yourself be swept away by a wave of stress and anxiety.

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While jogging does present many benefits, it shouldn’t be overdone. Excessive, daily jogging can damage your muscles and ligaments. Moreover, jogging at night can make sleeping harder with the endorphins it releases. As they say, all good things must be done in moderation!