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The Best Bicycle in 2022

Jul 20, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

It’s time to start planning outside activities because warm weather is soon to arrive. Bike riding is the best way to take in the great outdoors. After all, riding is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly substitute for commuting and a fantastic way to remain in shape. Finding the ideal bike, though, is difficult. Because of this, we have done the legwork for you, researched, and evaluated the top bike for guys to purchase right now.

For most riders acquainted with the gravel scene, the Checkpoint practically needs no introduction; nonetheless, this year saw an improvement to the already well-liked bike. Despite the original components at the time, I was struck by how lightweight it was right out of the box. Additionally, all the models’ revised paint jobs look stunning in person! Although you could spend a lot of money and get the very feature-rich and lightweight SLR model, we chose to be more frugal and examine a more basic ALR 5 that would probably end up in your garage.

The aluminum frame has a classic appearance with uncomplicated round or ovalized tubes, clean welding, and glossy painting. It has many fronts and rear rack mounting, mudguard mounts, and bottle cage choices for one on the seatstays, two atop the down tube, and one beneath it. For those who believe this bike has 21 gears too many, Trek’s adjustable Stranglehold dropouts allow conversion to fixed speed. There is also elegant internal cable and hose routing via the down tube via a single port, externally on the fork, and beneath the chainstays.

Assortment of racing cycles in a custom-made bicycle store

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You cannot go wrong with the Checkpoint ALR 5 at a retail price of $2500. It is simply a superb bike to ride in general. You will be prepared for anything with the standard Shimano GRX R600 and R800 components and tubeless-ready wheels. Grab a carbon seat post if you can afford one. The Bontrager RSL has enough “flex” to let you absorb more debris. If you can locate a store with an ALR 5 in stock, take it for a test drive, and, if it fits, don’t hesitate to take it home!