The Best Countries To Travel Alone In This Year

The Best Countries To Travel Alone In This Year

By - February 21, 2018

Many of us are wanderlust at heart and have always dreamed of traveling the world.  Seeing pictures and watching movies is simply not the same as experiencing the thrill of everything our world has to offer first hand.  Here are some of the best spots for solo travelers.



Bali Island, Indonesia

Indonesia is the cheapest country to travel in. Solo travelers can have comfortable lodging, enjoy three full meals a day and even some drinks for a mere $25 daily.  Not a bad deal at all.




The land of wildlife, landscape and whisky.  What would possibly be better for a solo traveler seeking adventure?




Italy is one of the world’s most popular destinations with it’s beaches, hilltop towns, and abundance of wine, pasta and pizza.  The city is full of tourists and new people to connect with at all times.



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