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The Bus Stop With The Best View In The World

Dec 31, 2021 ByRebecca Rodriguez

Nestled away in the heart of the Lake District region in the UK, lies a small town called Ambleside. Situated on the northern side of Lake Windermere is this charming little place. With many nearby hikes and trails, going through beautiful fields and past gushing waterfalls, it’s not a surprise that every other building is a privately-owned bed and breakfast, making it a popular destination for tourists. Of course, it also helps that Ambleside is located close to one of the main roads that runs through the Lake District. This means that it is easily accessible for visitors, including public transport.

The rail network in the UK is fairly extensive, and coming from the South will bring you to either Kendal or Windermere train stations. From there, you can catch a scenic bus ride, passing through Ambleside, and even carrying on further North further in the Lake District. Shortly before entering Ambleside, the bus stops at Ambleside Pier, which is arguably one of the bus stops with the best view in the world.

 Boating on Windermere, the Lake District

GettyImages/Stephen Knowles Photography/Moment

The Stagecoach buses have a commentary for tourists throughout the drive, and proudly state the beauty of the view at this bus stop. When you consider the fact that most bus stops are on the side of a road somewhere, or in busy populated cities, you realize that this probably is the best view in the world, as seen from a bus stop.

This humble stop lies by the Pier on the northern tip of Lake Windermere. The view spans across the whole lake, as far as the eye can see, with vague mountains in the background. The pier is littered with many private quaint boats, leaving a rather picturesque impression. You can even pop in for a cup of coffee, or have some traditional fish ‘n’ chips while you take in the view.