The Cheapest Place to Visit in Asia

Feb 03, 2023 ByClaire Miles

There is no denying that traveling can be expensive, but it does not have to break the bank. Asia is known for its affordable travel experiences, but some countries are cheaper to visit than others. If you are looking for an Asian country to explore on a budget, here are a few to visit. Traveling in Myanmar is done by bus or train only and does not cost much between most destinations. Accommodation and meals are also very affordable, and traditional meals are not expensive. The best way to get around is by walking or renting a scooter. Hot air balloon rides over ancient temples, endless hikes through misty mountains, and pristine paradise beaches are many reasons to visit Myanmar. For two weeks, most tourists come from the capital, Yangon, to Bagan, a famous city with thousands of pagodas and stupas. Then, they often follow the Irrawaddy River at dawn to Mandala and Inle Lake to see floating villages and return to the capital.

Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a vacation in a country where you can travel worry, appreciate natural beauty, enjoy delicious foods and meet interesting people. Malaysia fits into these descriptions. It is popular among tourists because of its excellent infrastructure, hostels, and hotels. Its impressive architecture inspires a new appreciation for the country among visitors and travelers. By creating a tourist-friendly ecosystem, Malaysia has become one of the most accessible countries in Asia. While in Malaysia, enjoy street foods, stay in a locally run guesthouse and get around using fantastic public transport. Many free activities are also available in major destinations in Malaysia, such as Sabah.

Indonesia has long attracted the attention of travelers. With more than 17,000 people and more than 300 unique ethnic groups, Indonesia has a lot to see and do for travelers. Travelers can get acquainted with Indonesia’s culture, history, nature, and city life for several months. Also, the country has some of the best beaches in the world. Despite all the things to do in Indonesia, traveling to Indonesia does not have to be expensive. You can keep Indonesia travel costs low and still have a lot of fun.