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The Coolest Airports In The World

Dec 15, 2020 ByMarc Gordon

How many of us wish we could just get on a plane and jet set anywhere in the world? We’re pretty sure that’s just about everyone right now around the world. And one day (hopefully soon) we all will be able to itch that travel bug bite, but until then we can dream and plan. And when most of us plan our trip, we imagine where we want to go: a beautiful tropical beach in Aruba or maybe the city of lights, Paris! But the destination itself is not the only best part of the trip. There are some airports all around the world that are seriously worth spending a few hours in. We know the feeling of being stuck in an airport can be maddening, but we promise you that these are airports you won’t mind being stuck in. And we have a feeling you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra time there! Check these out!

Singapore Changi airport

waitng zone before passengers board their flights at the newly built Changi airport terminal 4 in Singapore

Getty Images/AFP

Singapore is known to be a clean, beautiful and green-friendly city. Singapore’s Changi Airport is home to several (yes, more than one) garden and it is definitely going to blow your mind. There is an indoor orchid garden, a rooftop cactus garden, a butterfly garden, open air gardens, water lily ponds, and more. If you’re the type of person to feel any stress while flying, the Changi airport will definitely relax you with all the greenery to take in. You can also add your photo to the Social Tree by uploading your selfie onto 64 giant screens), take a dip in the rooftop pool in Terminal 1, or watch a free movie at the full-sized theater between Terminals 2 and 3. This place really does sound like a vacation before your vacation even really begins!

Hong Kong International Airport

An airline stewardess heads towards a departure gate at Chek Lap Kok airport March 7, 2003 in Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific

Getty Images/News

Tons of fun awaits you for your extended layover in Hong Kong! Home to Skytrax’s Best Airport for Dining award in 2019, you’ll be in for a treat. After you’ve finished eating, you’ll find lots of shopping to do. Top brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Gucci all are waiting for you to peak your head in. But if shopping isn’t your thing, try playing simulated sports games and i-Sports or go wander through the museum, the Aviation Discovery Center. The in-airport museum focuses on local flight history.