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The Craziest Themed Cafes Ever

Dec 24, 2019 ByClaire Miles

Sure, there is nothing better to start the day than grab a cup of coffee from your go-to cafe. But not all cafes are created equal. There are some cafes that are far from just your ordinary coffee shop. From unique themes to perfected detail, these cafes are the craziest ones people have ever gone to all over the world. For coffee addicts everywhere, they know it isn’t just a place to grab a cappuccino and head out the door. A cafe is a gathering spot to eat with friends, catch up with colleagues, and even first dates. These innovative cafes took things to the next level with their concept and design. Just wait to you get a sip of this!

Mermaid Cafe, Thailand

This heavenly dessert shop let customers embrace their inner Ariel the mermaid. Guests of the cafe get to wear a mermaid tail as they enjoy sweet treats with only the most mermaid colors. There are rainbow waffles, colorful drinks, and mermaid tail cupcakes. A second location opened up a second location called The Mermaid Castle.

Avocado Cafe, New York

Avocado cafes exist all around the world: The Avocado Show in Amsterdam, Good Fat in Australia (now closed), and Guac & Go in Singapore. According to Eater, when Brooklyn’s Avocaderia opened they ran out of avocados in three hours! Avocado Appetit opened up following Broolyn’s Avocaderia’s success. If you thought you were trendy with your avocado toast, think again. This cafe has totally taken avocado to the next level, with avocado everything everywhere to be seen.

The Cereal Killer Cafe, London

London’s all-cereal cafe is more than just a place that serves cereal in a bowl. They offer cornflake chicken, alcoholic beverages with cereal,  and cereal milkshakes. The Cereal Killer Cafe sells up to 500 bowls per day! You can choose from over 50 types of cereal. They offer all-time favorites like Fruit Loops and also lesser-known ones from abroad like cereal from Spain and New Zealand. Owners Alan and Gary Keery told Business Insider, “When you come in here it’s like a ’90s dream. We want people to feel like kids again.”

Hello Kitty Cafe,  California

Everything is topped with a bow and is completely adorable at the Hello Kitty Cafe.  All of the unique treats such as their mini apple pies and strawberry mint lemonade have Hello Kitty’s face on it of course.