The Cry Closest

Dec 03, 2019 ByAndrew Parker

Students at the University of Utah are now in luck, well sort of. They are now being given the opportunity to cry in private, worry-free of any judgmental looks for their peers.  With so many difficult exams and work assignments nowadays, college can be highly stressful. Sometimes, we just need a good cry before we can get back out there. However, not everyone is completely comfortable crying in front of everyone, especially not their peers. That’s why the University of Utah has decided to help students release their emotions with a private cry room in the campus library. This unique room was created by a student of the university who is a visual artist. Nemo Miller created this room in his woodshop class. The cry closest is black inside and hosts stuffed animals that can be cuddled while crying. Whether students just got dumped, are having a bad day, or are struggling with midterm exams, this cry room has got them covered. Well at least for 10 minutes.

Student hiding behind a stack of books

Via Pexels

According to the University of Utah website, “The catalyst was Art & Art History graduating senior Nemo Miller’s art installation called “A Safe Place for Stressed Out Students, Otherwise Known as The Cry Closet” in the university’s J. Willard Marriott Library. With one tweet and in less than 24 hours, word of Miller’s installation became international news. More specifically, the assignment was to identify a problem in the University of Utah or College of Fine Arts community. Design and build a space that is a solution to the problem you’ve identified. Deploy your solution for the public. So, Miller made what her own personal anxiety drove her to want – a safe and quiet space to take a breath and regain composure during the pressures of the last finals week of her undergraduate career.”

Students are not allowed to spend the day in the cry closet in order to be fair to everyone else. The closest has very straightforward and simple rules that are written on the door.  Only a person is allowed in at a time, you must knock before entering, you can’t stay more than 10 minutes, and you must turn off the light upon leaving. Miller’s design, although simple has been getting a whole lot of buzz and appreciation on social media. People are loving the idea, and are hoping to see it in other colleges across the globe.  The only problem, however, is that the closest is not soundproof, which can cause some discomfort for some while crying.