The Importance of Developing Non-Tech Skills

Aug 30, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

While tech is undoubtedly the field to be in for a career with rapid growth, conditions for careers outside of IT are also not ideal. Even IT businesses are hiring for roles in sales, marketing, business development, human resources, and finance, to mention a few, as several top non-technical skills are becoming more and more in demand. In actuality, certain excellent non-technical abilities are in high demand and pay well. One of the most sought-after non-technical skills nowadays is content writing. Content is important. You must produce content to inform your audience about your goods or services. Talented content writers that can produce interesting and educational content for brands are in high demand.

Today’s uncertainties make a corporate finance analyst’s job more crucial than ever. They provide the organization’s management with useful financial data so they may make strategic business decisions and control risks. The financial analyst is one of the employment roles in corporate finance, among others. As more businesses see the need to replace antiquated procedures with more technologically driven ones, there is a growing demand for business analysts. Business analysts detect gaps, if any, in organizational processes and structures and suggest IT-based solutions for the same to solve business challenges.

Managing projects is a different talent that can be very lucrative. Many businesses require effective project managers to manage their projects. According to Glassdoor estimates, a project manager in Singapore makes an average pay of $72,000. After gaining expertise in the project management sector, such as the PMP, you may request to take some project management-related certificates. In this industry, project management certification is really important. A project manager with a PMP certification can expect to make 20–30% more money than those without one.

Choosing the talent and course that are best for you is all required! Market research, Six Sigma, investing and markets, business intelligence, and other non-tech talents are a few others that are becoming more prominent. This highlights the fact that there are many possibilities and a vast selection of online courses available to those looking to advance in non-tech careers.