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The Latest News About Oreo Cookies

Jun 22, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

Welcome to 2020 where, clearly, miracles happen. Oreo is releasing a new Tiramisu flavor, Caramel Coconut, and Chocolate Marshmallow flavors. Snacking is about to get much sweeter. So clear up your cookie jar and pantry, sweet toothers because things are about to flavorful to the max. Fans of the Oreo staple will literally lose their minds over the new Tiramisu flavor. Adopting the classic Italian dessert, its bound to be delicious. The flavor will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth with a double-stuffed tiramisu filling sandwiched between the signature chocolate cookies. This isn’t the first time Oreo released a Tiramisu flavor. Apparently, they’ve been a thing in Korea for a while and are only not coming to the U.S. Oreo is also releasing a dark chocolate cookie dunked in fudge. There’s also the Churro Oreo to get ready for.

Next, we gotta talk about the cult streetwear brand debuted red and white Supreme-branded Oreo cookies which is just driving people up the wall! Supreme took their own spin on the classic cream-filled cookie, double stuf’d Supreme Oreos were priced at $8 per pack of three. But in the frenzy that ensued by the brand’s limited-edition collaboration, the cookies sold out in just a couple of days. Now they are being resold for $17,000 on eBay! Sweet tooth lovers are apparently willing to pay more than 200x the original price of Oreo cookies. This novelty Oreos are in high demand! Both Oreo and Supreme posted about the partnership on their social media accounts. Oreo’s Instagram photo of the red cookies with Supreme’s logo across went viral, of course.

Supreme actually took to Reddit to tease the release on Reddit six months ago, according to AdAge. It’s pretty crazy to see the lengths people are willing to go for any Supreme labeled product. The brand is known for creating a frenzy and quickly raising prices with their rare releases. There was a Supreme branded brick that resold for $1,000 to a Supreme MetroCard that rose to $999 on eBay. Yeah, that happened. Executive creative director of Within, Zane Comer, told AdAge that for Supreme, the partnership “is a low-risk way to generate earned impressions….For Oreo, associating their product with a brand that has the cool-factor of Supreme also creates legitimate relevance out of thin air.”