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The Most Common Scams to Watch Out For While Traveling

Aug 25, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

The first scam to look out for while traveling is the pickpocketing scam; this can happen in many ways. Local kids can jolt you, someone faking a falling over, asked to help carry a baby, spill on your cloth, etc., all these to divert your attention, and your valuables might be stolen. Another scam to look for is the Taxi scam, unlicensed or unmetered drivers operate at the airports and trains and offer fees much higher than metered fares. To avoid this scam, know how much a ride would cost, negotiate rates ahead of time, and use licensed taxis only.

Another scam to look out for is the overbooked or closed hotel scam. This is done chiefly by taxi drivers. They inform you that the hotel you are going to is closed and fully booked, then take you to a more expensive hotel where the cab driver receives a fat commission from it. To avoid this scam, call your hotel in advance and make sure they’re open. One of the scams to also look out for is the free bracelet or rosemary scam, which affects female travelers the most. A friendly person can walk up to you and give you bracelets or rosemary to put on your wrist. Once you wear it, they demand money immediately, and if you refuse, they cause a scene. To avoid this, never allow anybody to put anything on your body.

Another important scam to look for is the carry my bag scam. This happens at intentional airports; someone can walk up to you, ask you to help deliver a bag to relatives, and even offer to pay you. Never carry a bag or package for a stranger and if you carry a package from someone you trust, make sure to find out what’s inside.