The Most Creative Ways To Use Christmas Leftovers

Dec 27, 2021 ByAndrew Parker

Have you been looking for ways to reduce that amount of food waste in your waste bins, but just not sure how? Well, we’ve found some creative ways for you to use up some of those food scraps so they never even make it to the landfill. Next time you’re cooking, and you’re chopping up your vegetables, don’t throw away the peels and ends, put them in a container and stick them in the freezer. Keep topping this up each time you cook, until you’ve filled the box. Then just boil them up for a couple of hours, and drain them, leaving you with homemade vegetable broth.

Fruit peels and cores should be kept as well, as these can be used to make jams and marmalades. Citrus peels can be candied to make sweet treats. Surprisingly enough, you can make good use of the seeds and pits too. By growing and germinating them appropriately, you can regrow some of your favorite produce into indoor plants to decorate your home. You can even use coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer by adding them to the soil. Crushed eggshells work a treat here too.

Chinese roast duck into a takeout container

GettyImages/Sergio Amiti/Moment

Banana peels have many uses. Soak them in water for a day or so to absorb the nutrients, and use this water for your plants. The peels themselves can be rubbed on the leaves to help them shine as well. Overripe bananas can be frozen for smoothies, or mashed and used to make banana bread. Not a fan of bread crusts? Save these and any stale bread to make homemade croutons, which will be perfect with that winter soup.

And for anything else, you can always try composting at home. By gathering all the leftover organic materials from your kitchen (even after they’ve already been repurposed), and letting them rot, you’ll create a nutrient-dense compost that can be added back into the earth’s soil and help with the enrichment.