The Most Difficult Actors To Work With

The Most Difficult Actors To Work With

By - August 6, 2018

Making movies in Hollywood sounds like a great career, unless you find yourself stuck working this celebs that are a real pain.  These actors are known for being difficult to work with for several reasons, whether they are too much of a diva or have very, very low tempers.  Here are some of the absolute worst.


Lindsay Lohan



Lindsay Lohan has a reputation of being very hard to work with due to her party girl attitude, always showing up late after a wild night out. She’s even been referred to by her co-stars as a ‘child lashing out’.


Bruce Willis



Willis is known for being completely unapproachable while on film set. Director Kevin Smith said that he was ‘soul crushing’ in the film Cop Out. 


Jennifer Lopez



Apparently, Jennifer Lopez has a novel of demands that she requires be met if she is going to agree to play in a film, and will throw a fit it things don’t go as she wants. 


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