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The Most Drool Worthy Vegan Instagram Accounts

Jan 02, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

Hello new year, hello new you! Are you starting off the year with veganuary? For those of you who don’t know, it’s a new year’s resolution revolution that inspires and supports people all over the word to try going vegan for the month of January (and hopefully beyond). According to the veganuary website, there have been over 900,000 participants since 2014; 192 countries around the world participate; more than 600 businesses took part in veganuary 2020; and more than 1,200 new vegan products and menus were launched fr venaguary 2020. That’s pretty cool stuff, right? Starting a plant-based diet might seem like a huge challenge for a lot of people, but luckily, there’s tons of inspiration out there. The first place to look? Instagram. These Instagram accounts will get you motivated for the vegan lifestyle.


When people hear the word vegan, they often think that it means tasteless, boring, bland and overall terrible food. Well, all you need to do is take a look at Amanda’s Instagram page to wipe all those assumptions away. Amanda is certainly one to practice what she preaches which is super cool. Her personal website says, “My philosophy on health is simple: feel your best by eating fresh, natural, living, unprocessed foods. My vegan journey began in March 2014 and the lifestyle quickly taught me to intuitively listen to my body for cues on what to eat, how much to eat (think abundance!) and when to eat. Not only did I make life-changing dietary improvements, I gained a sense of purpose.” Yes girl!


Cherie Tu’s Instagram page is beautiful. If you want your feed to be filled with colorful, eye-catching plates of yummy food then give Cherie a follow. She wrote on her website, “Ever since going vegan, it has motivated me more than ever to challenge my creativity in order to show how simple and delicious vegan cooking can be. I love sharing all my healthy and wholesome recipes online with people all around the world in hopes to inspire everyone to simply eat more plants!” We love it!


Perhaps Ami Shoesmith’s Instagram is the most beautiful page ever. Her bio reads, “Rainbow food creations by @amishoesmith.” And that is exactly what her food is- a rainbow creation! You’ll find lots of smoothie bowls filled with flowers, peaches, figs, and hemp seeds. Yeah, we’re drooling too.


This self-titled Swiss-Italian foodie will bless your feed with everything from tikka masala to whipped cream- oh yes! Carlo Cao says his “greatest passion is food. I went vegan in January 2017 for two main reasons: my love for animals and for the Earth in which we live on.” Right on, Carlo!