The Most Elaborate Celebrity Proposals

The Most Elaborate Celebrity Proposals

By - August 14, 2018

Let’s put aside the fact that most celebrity couples have divorced, their elaborate proposals will seriously bring your standards up to a whole new level. Let your significant other know.  These unique wedding proposal ideas involve all kinds of things that you would never even dream up.

Seal & Heidi Klum



Seal, similar to many guys had a helicopter on his mind when it came down to popping the big question. But his was slightly more glamorous than just a typical helicopter ride. He flew Heidi to the to top of a 14,000 ft glacier where he had an igloo specially waiting for her, that was filled with food, champagne, candles and rose petals. 



Pink & Carey Hart



During one of Carey’s motocross races, Pink stormed the track holding up a sign that said ‘Will You Marry Me?’. The continued to make laps around the course until she turned the sign over which read ‘I’m Serious’.  He then quit the race and ran over to accept her proposal. 



Jordan Bratman & Christina Aguilera



Bratman proved that boys can be seriously sensitive too. He filled a room with rose petals and boxes of presents, each of which included a poem he wrote for her expressing his feelings towards her. The last box contained the mushiest poem of all as well as a five-carat engagement ring. 


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