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The Most Hipster Restaurants in America

Mar 04, 2019 ByMarc Gordon

Once upon a time, restaurants and bars were a place where one would go to enjoy a meal or a few drinks, as well as a unique social experience that they couldn’t necessarily have in the comfort of their own home. Today though? Things have seriously changed, and in some cases, some places offer a whole new world with unique features and characteristics that we’ve never seen before. If you look around you it may appear that hipster culture has taken over the mainstream (which is so not hipster). From the movies in the theater to the music the kids are listening to nowadays, the hipster mark is all over culture especially our food. And hipsters don’t want your mainstream food. The hipsters of America want organic kale, local cold brew coffee, and an upcycled wooden bench. That is what makes a hipster foodie happy. If you’re curious as to where you can find the hipster food joint hang out, then we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start off in Dallas, Texas. A lot of locals hang out at a restaurant that is actually a food truck parked in the middle of a scrap metal yard. The Truck Yard calls itself “an adult playground” which is totally true. Local bands often come out to the truck to play while customers eat the best made-to-order cheesesteaks around. If you ever find yourself in Denver, Colorado and want a “field to fork” kind of dining experience then you should check out Root Down. Their menu features lots of gluten-free and vegan-friendly items, as well as mainly organic, natural, and local ingredients. What’s more, Root Down use reverse osmosis water for all cooking, drinking and cleaning, and the place itself is 100% wind-powered. Woah, talk about going green all the way! Are you in New York City? Is it 3 am and want a biscuit? The 24/7 biscuit shop Empire Biscuit has become a hip hangout in the area. When Empire first opened they were so overrun that they had to close, regroup, and open again to be better prepared for the crowds of people looking for their late-night fix of buttery, flaky dough sandwiches.