The Most Horrfying Black Friday Stories

The Most Horrfying Black Friday Stories

By - December 4, 2018

Every year, retail employees throughout the United States dread this very day: Black Friday. While we hear the horror stories from the comfort and safety of our own homes, retail workers have no choice but to deal with rowdy customers first hand.  Employees are left with a different, more darkened perspective of humanity and are often times completely traumatized…



A Bloody Hit-And-Run


A Walmart worker reveals that one woman hit another women in the chest with a toddler car. The woman who was hit had recently had open-heart surgery, and in turn, lots of blood came running out. The woman that hit her purchased the toy car and made a run.


A Hospital Visit


Another Walmart employee shares his story of his first Black Friday as a retail workers. His job was to open the plastic on the pallets that had merchandise on them. All of the pallets were on the floor, and as he was using a box cutter, a customer shoved him, fell right on it and sliced his hand open. As he got up, another customer punched him in the face for picking up a DVD that he apparently wanted for himself.


A Poop Worthy Plasma


A Best Buy employee explains how there are always long lines on Black Friday.  The manager thought that it would be smart to place appliances right next to the check-out counter, as people may want to make some last minute purchases while waiting.  A lady who did not want to lose her spot in line to pay a plasma TV decided to use a dryer to take a shit in front of everyone.


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