The Most Important Tweets Supporting Net Neutrality

The Most Important Tweets Supporting Net Neutrality

By - December 14, 2017


A concept that was once only known to the super-tech geeks and futuristic hipsters has gone mainstream thanks to overwhelming support and dedication from prolific public figures. Net Neutrality has become increasingly significant in modern politics, mostly because getting rid of it could mean big money for some of the US’s major corporations. So, it’s in the interest of major corporations to fund legislation that ends Net Neutrality, and allows for strict regulation (including steep prices) for the simplest internet usage.


As the vote gets underway in Washington D.C. today, many hopefuls are sharing important information for citizens to help protect the internet from the interests of corporations, and keep the web free and accessible for people all over the world.


Here’s what they had to say…


Here’s what you need to know:



“If you don’t want that…”



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