The Pimple Popper Board Game

The Pimple Popper Board Game

By - August 20, 2018

If you have yet to hear about Dr Pimple Popper, well then, kudos to you.  She’s Sandra Lee, a 47 year old dermatologist and doctor from California has been both educating and grossing out people about skin care over the internet for the past few years.


She’s gotten herself quite the fan club on social media platforms, with almost four million subscribers on YouTube, 90,000 Twitter followers and 2.8 million Instagram followers. All of this people eagerly wait to see her pop pimples.


Her latest venture is a board game named Pimple Pete. It involved a giant zit in the middle of the board that explodes as players play along with a game quite similar to Operation.  Players are supposed to try to pop spots of Pete’s head by flicking a spinner. If they do it too hard however, they will get drenched with a big zit on his nose filled with water. 



It may sound slightly disturbing, but we promise you, it’s so incredibly satisfying.




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