The Plant Based Steak That Tastes Like The Real Thing

Dec 21, 2019 ByLaura Lee

Vivera, a Dutch company has come out with the world’s first 100% vegan steak. It’s pretty much the holy grail of plant-based protein and tastes and smells just like the real deal.  Consumers will barely be able to tell that it actually contains no meat. Willem van Weede, CEO of Vivera Foodgroup: “We are one of the first companies in the world’s meat industry to say final goodbye to meat. From now on we only focus on plant-based foods which are really conquering the world. More and more consumers are discovering that plant-based products can be just as tasty as real meat and have many benefits for personal health, environmental impact and animal welfare. As a result of the sale of our meat activities we think we can boost even more Vivera’s rapid international growth”

It’s made mostly from wheat and soy and is the result of close to two years of constant trial and error to perfect the recipe.  As if getting the right smell and taste wasn’t hard enough, they also managed to replicate the texture of steak, giving the same feeling of chewing a real steak.  They spent a whole lot of time to get the same juiciness that goes with beef. Many non-meat eaters have wanted such a product for several years already, and now they can finally enjoy this delicious plant-based steak. According to Viveria, this new release is completely groundbreaking for sustainability and animal welfare.

Over the past decade, there has a been an increasingly high demand for plant-based food. Many people assume it is inaccessible but, in fact, Vivera’s first store-bought vegan steak is available for all throughout Europe. According to the website Livekindly, “Within its first week of sales at Tesco alone, the supermarket sold nearly 40,000 of the steaks, with many branches selling out of the entire first stock distribution in just a day.”