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The Relationship Loop Amongst The Superstars

Apr 15, 2022 ByClaire Miles

From the top of your head list two stars, you know, who have dated one or two exes of another colleague in the entertainment industry. Looking at the dating pool in Hollywood we begin to wonder how messy it can get and are the fish in the pool are that small to pick from. Your guess is right, the Ye and Kim K saga is the inspiration behind this writeup. I mean looking back we all knew what Ye had always been, so how did they end up dating and marrying now their home troubles all over the internet?

Putting that in our hindsight, we are here to discuss the small pool that is in Hollywood. Are you stuck in L.A. with newfound fame? These are popular and accredited ways to begin dating. Well like I said earlier the key ingredient is “newfound fame” which indicates that you are great at what you do.

If you happen to be a good actor/actress the process is easy, ensure to land a movie role where you happen to build a strong connection with the lead character. Well, guess what I can already see another Mr. & Mrs. Smith or maybe even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. As a musician it becomes an even easier task, if you already scored a top 10 billboard then viola the pool is open for your use. We have producers, stylists, fellow colleagues, and features turned into dating. You may as well be the next Justin and Selena.

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It is high time we spoke to the group of people who made the unwritten dating rule book in Hollywood. At the end of the day, I feel being a star may also be limiting; having to wonder if your partner understands the demands of the job so why not be with someone who relates well enough.