The Ridiculous New Proposal Trend

The Ridiculous New Proposal Trend

By Jordan Gold - February 25, 2018

Millennial’s sure as heck love avocados. We love eating them, photographing them, Instagramming them, talking about them, and even using them to propose.


Recently there has been an overload of ridiculous proposal trends on the net.  Proposals have basically become an act of seeking attention and gaining validation from strangers, rather than a romantic, private gesture.


But the latest trend does not include flash mobs, it’s now happening through avocados.   Ring boxes are so last year, right? Why not put your expensive ring in a dirty and smelly avocado?


This trend has become so popular that there is an actual company called Custom Avocado’s that will print you out a customized message on your proposal avocado.


Well, to each their own. How would you react to your partner proposing to you with an avocado?





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