The Senior Citizens Taking Over Instagram

Feb 03, 2020 ByMarc Gordon

Emiko Toguchi, a ninety-four-year-old grandmother has actually become a fashion model, after obtaining thousands of fans on Instagram due to her creative and bold outfits.  All of her outfits are created by her own granddaughter, Chinami Mori, and frequently make a star appearance on her Instagram account. Mori is considered to be a ”Soari-Ori” artist, which is a special type of hand weaving.  Mori, her granddaughter has been studying art for many years, however, she became completely hooked five years ago, incorporating art into her unique designs.  According to Mori, her grandmother becoming a model felt completely natural and was an exciting addition to all the fun the two have been having together.  It was also the perfect opportunity for her grandmother to feel rejuvenated.

Whenever Mori posts photos of Toguchi on her Instagram account, they always get thousands of likes from fans across the globe who are completely in love with Toguchi.  Mori even made her grandmother a wedding dress since she never had a real wedding. Even despite all the fame that she’s gained, it thankfully hasn’t gone to her head, she is still so grateful and happy every time she gets a compliment.

There are other senior citizens who are playing the ‘Gram game right. Seriously, you need to check out the senior citizens who are style icons and way cooler than you. It’s refreshing to see that social media isn’t just a stomping ground for internet-obsessed millennials and Gen Z’ers. Actually, quite the contrary- the internet is for everyone! These icons prove that style gets better with age. These ladies inspire followers to be completely unapologetic and totally yourself. Take 65-year-old Lyn Slater as an example. She is way more than just a fashion blogger. She also has a PH.D. in social welfare! Her bio reads: “Accidental Icon”- an instant queen. No wonder she’s racked up 374K followers and counting on Instagram.