The Top Secrets Pizza Companies Won’t Tell You

The Top Secrets Pizza Companies Won’t Tell You

By joseph L - June 6, 2018

A worker from one of the top pizza chain’s in the U.S (who would prefer to stay anonymous) absolutely hates her job, and has decided to share with us the secrets that the pizza companies won’t tell you.


For one:  always be nice to the person on the other line. They are people too, and deserve some respect, and usually hate their jobs, so don’t make their day any worse.


Secondly:  ALWAYS ask what is on special.  They are allowed to give you a good deal when you ask. And also make sure to ALWAYS look online before ordering. Sometimes there are special deals online, but employees can loose their job for offering. It’s up to you to ask.


Next:  When you asked if you’d like extra cheese, it always comes with an additional charge. The employees are required to ask you, but they aren’t the cheese philanthropists. Make sure to ask before you agree to that cheese.  Oh and, don’t expect the extra cheese to count as one of your toppings. It’s NEVER included.


Very important: Different kinds of crusts have different costs. Make sure to always ask, and not assume that it’s the advertised price for the thin, weak, and pathetic stuff.  You’ll surely be paying for all that extra thick crust. And specialty pizza’s are super overpriced. In many cases, you can make the same combination yourself without the fancy name.


Good luck, fellow pizza lovers!




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