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The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Menu

Dec 13, 2021 ByClaire Miles

‘Tis the season to eat and be merry. We all love to eat, especially when it’s the holidays (they don’t call it ‘holiday weight’ for no reason), and vegans are no different. It’s not just about eating kale and lettuce, there are a lot of options for vegans to eat during the holidays too. So read on for the perfect menu that’ll satisfy the vegans at your Christmas table.

Appetizers: A lovely vegan Christmas wreath is the perfect way to open your meal. The bread dough can be braided or shaped in any decorative manner and then folded back into a circle. The flavors can be simple from garlic and pesto, to elaborately stuffed with spinach, pine nuts, and tofu, and pop some festive cranberries and fresh herbs on top. This can be served with dips such as fresh guacamole, garlic mayonnaise, artichoke dip, or even some vegan queso.

Mains: Move out of the way turkeys, it’s time for the wellington to take the center of the stage. Instead of using beef sirloin, opt for your favorite vegan mince or mushrooms; they can be chopped, or even placed whole if using portobello. Place carefully inside puff pastry or crescent dough, and cook to perfection. Other main dishes include a delicious lentil loaf, or a whole baked cauliflower; either spice-infused, glazed, or even smoked.

Slices of pumpkin pie served on plate


Sides: No Christmas meal would be right without mashed potatoes. These can be made vegan by swapping out butter and milk for any plant-based alternatives. Herb-infused roasted potatoes will also go down a treat. Add some glazed carrots, char-grilled Brussel sprouts, and some braised red cabbage. All of this can be finished with a simple mushroom gravy to bring it all together.

Desserts: Nothing shouts Christmas more than a beautifully decorated gingerbread house topped with candies and chocolates (all vegan-friendly of course). Make some gingerbread men add to the scene too. These can be accompanied by some traditional British mince pies (these don’t actually contain any mince) and a glass of vegan eggnog, made with silken tofu, to wash it all down with. Cheers!