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The World’s Best Public Transport Systems

Nov 07, 2021 ByClaire Miles

Catching a bus or train in a foreign country might seem like a daunting prospect, but that shouldn’t stop you from your next adventure. Take Berlin, for example, the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, tram, bus, and ferry cover an extensive network across Germany’s capital. The U-Bahn itself boasts 9 different lines with a total length of 91.5 miles, including 173 stations and is the most extensive underground network in Germany.

The Paris Métro has over 300 stations and with an app for travelers, it is extremely easy to navigate. The distinctive color-coding makes commuting feel like a walk in the park and helps connect many tourist attractions for travelers. Try taking a ride on the RER suburban express train, and enjoy some gorgeous views of the city along the way.

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With a world-famous sign, it comes with no surprise that the London Underground system makes the list. Known to the locals as ‘The Tube’, it was the first underground metro and is one of the busiest transport systems in the world. To save the hassle of buying a ticket before each journey, you can just get an Oyster card, top it up, and tap in and out as you travel.

One of the best public transport systems is without a doubt the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The seats are equipped with heated seats for the winter, and the trains run super promptly. The cleanliness of the trains just makes for a more pleasant experience while you discover new things in South Korea. With 23 different lines, it comes with no surprise that the subway serves 8 million riders daily, and 1.91 billion riders annually.

Just a 2.5-hour flight away lies Tokyo. Between the Tokyo Metro and the Toei Subway, you’re pretty much covered. These two subway systems form two separate networks, but with a prepaid rail pass, you can change between them freely. The number and color-coding systems also make it super easy to navigate for non-native speakers.