The Worst Amusement Park Rides To Get Stuck On

The Worst Amusement Park Rides To Get Stuck On

By - June 20, 2018

Although it’s rather uncommon, sometimes amusement park accident do occur and then unfortunately leave completely innocent tourists stuck on rides for hours upon hours. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the worst rides to be stuck on, but were here to help you decide on which ones are the absolute worst.

X- Scream – Stratosphere Las Vegas

This ride was designed specially for drunk people and is at an insane height of 866 feet above the ground, making it the third highest amusement ride in the entire world. It’s located right on top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas, and there’s a good chance you’re intoxicated on this ride and if you’re still, you’re without a bathroom for quite some time.


Insanity: The Ride – Stratosphere Las Vegas

It would totally suck to get stuck on this ride because your entire left would be in the hands of a 64 feet massive mechanical arm. Doesn’t sound too promising.


Green Lantern  – Six Flags Great Adventure

This ride also would really not be fun to get stuck on since passengers must remain standing as they are held in place (somewhat) by a bicycle like seat and a harness on the shoulders.  The odds are quite high of getting stuck in a rather uncomfortable position upside down.


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