Things To Avoid As A Tourist

Apr 07, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Planning a trip to a major city is exciting, but ensuring you do not miss out on any sights while staying safe and not disrupting the locals can be challenging. To ensure that your tourist experience goes smoothly and without any hiccups, some things should never be done in major cities as tourists. Feeding pigeons has become such a popular pastime in major cities that some cities have no choice but to fine people. No matter how cute the pigeons look or how funny they are, feeding pigeons human food when tons of them fly around you is harmful to the birds and the city. By feeding them, you reduce their ability to feed on their own while also attracting pigeons that may have diseases that can eventually infect humans.

Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk is undoubtedly one of the most common habits of big-city tourists. Tourists can have a magical time exploring the city, but most people are probably busy going through work, meetings, and everyday life. So instead of suddenly stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, gently move out of the way. Although the rules of the road are different, the rules of the escalators from London to New York are the same: stand on one side, and walk on the other. This allows people in a hurry to get up the escalator quickly, while those who need a break can ride up. More recently, some cities have tried to convince riders to stand on both sides of escalators based on the theory that it moves people faster, but these campaigns have been largely unsuccessful.

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It is easier to hail a cab or take a taxi than to walk to a destination or navigate the subway. But driving across town can take longer than public transport during rush hour. Getting around a big city by public transport can be difficult. Some people can rudely push others in and out, but no matter how hard, do not do it yourself. Be polite and follow local rules, which often include waiting for everyone to get out of the car before getting in and vice versa.