Things We Can't Do Without

Nov 09, 2022 ByClaire Miles

A set of fundamental necessities bind all people together. These needs are crucial prerequisites for long-term physical and mental health and basic survival. The concept of essential requirements evolves and broadens as the world does. For instance, 20 years ago, the Internet might not have been regarded as a “need,” but now, an internet connection is essential to guaranteeing that people everywhere have access to information.

The ironic thing about us is that we’re much stronger than we give ourselves credit. I, therefore, trimmed my list after giving it some thought. Hope is the initial thing we cannot live without; specifically, we hope for a better or happier future (if the present is painful). Also, there is more to look forward to than this short, perplexing, and frequently painful life. The belief is that, although we may be aging and losing things, there is still a possibility to either get back what’s lost or acquire new things that are at least as good as or better than what I’ve had to give up.

The reality we live in may be understood, addressed, and made meaning of through the language and worldview of music. Music accompanies every stage of life, and I can’t imagine doing it without it. Even if it may sound religious, the Bible is a pillar for guiding people through a mysterious world that always yells contradictory messages in their faces. We all need to pick a rock to cling to when life gets wild; it may not be the obvious solution to every issue.

Finally, when I use Love, I don’t necessarily imply romance, which is regrettably what it usually means. I choose to write “love” instead of “family” or “friends.” Everyone has, at some point, experienced the loss of friends and family, whether it was due to distance, death, or simply growing apart. But even if particular family and friends members pass away, Love is still conceivable. In addition, to genuinely live, we must all love and be loved.