Turkish Street Food

Mar 16, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Street food is one of the most popular yet underrated types of cuisine worldwide. Turkish street food is especially noteworthy for its various flavors and authenticity that it has to offer. Not just a regular snack like pretzels or donuts in some other countries, but an integral part of their culture, which dates back centuries. Here are some Turkey street food worth trying. Simit is a classic street food loved by Turks from all walks of life. No matter your budget, job, or background, when they pass a bakery that has just baked a new batch of this famous street food, almost everyone cannot help but stop and enjoy the enticing aroma. Simit is a Turkish bagel. It is a ring-shaped piece of crusty bread covered with sesame or poppy seeds. You can cut them in half like bagels and top them with various toppings. Cream cheese and feta are popular toppings. In Turkey, it is usually served with yogurt, tea, or soda.

A sip of boza, also known as millet drink, transports you back in time to the days of the Ottoman Empire. Made from fermented corn, fermented wheat, water, and sugar, this trendy drink is known for its healthiness, density, and milky color. Cinnamon is an essential topping, giving it a delicate, sweet taste. Order a glass of boza and take a trip back in time as you wander the streets of Istanbul, just as people did in the Ottoman era.

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Islak hamburgers are a variation of the sloppy Turkish joes, featuring juicy beef patties dipped in a special tomato sauce and served on buns with various toppings. Relatively new to Turkish street food, Islak’s juicy and satisfying hamburger has become one of Turkey’s most famous street foods. Available any time of the day, this dish is especially popular with clubbing or partygoers for a bite to eat while waiting for a cab after a fun night.