Ultimate Beach Packing List

Apr 10, 2023 ByClaire Miles

You do not want to arrive short on essential supplies for beach trips. From towels to flip-flops, there are certain items that every beach-goer should remember to pack. Whether you are planning a weekend stay or just heading out for the day, here are some ultimate packing list of items bound to make your trip more memorable than ever. You first need a suitable beach bag for all your belongings. If possible, choose a lightweight, waterproof bag. There are many options, but ideally, choose one that closes with a zipper to keep your belongings safe and prevent sand or water damage. A swimsuit is an essential item on your beachwear list, at least for most beaches. On day trips, wear them under your clothes, so you do not change clothes on the beach, even if you are not sure the weather is good enough for sunbathing.

Another essential is a beach towel. You can choose from several options. A thicker cotton towel absorbs moisture better but can take up more space in your luggage. Pure cotton Turkish towels are a good alternative as they are lightweight and less packed. Ideally, look for one that absorbs water but dries quickly. You can also bring a sand-proof beach mat for extra protection from the sand. It’s convenient because you don’t have to put your beach towel on the sand. Also, beach mats are harder and less likely to blow away in the wind. Beach mats also fold into a small bag for easy portability.

Family walking to beach

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Flip-flops can be helpful at the beach or in the shower. Pack a pair of lightweight, easy-to-clean, quick-drying flip-flops in your beach bag. You can get rubber, plastic, foam, and even fabric sneakers, although the latter may take longer to dry. You may not always have access to a toilet and soap to wash your hands, so having hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes is a must. Disinfectants generally last longer because you only need a few drops, and there is no waste. If you prefer more convenient wipes, dispose of them properly and never leave them on the beach.