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Unique Cake Flavors

Apr 18, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

While chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cakes are quite the deal, you tend to get bored of them. And in these times, a unique cake flavor can really help. A flavor you have never heard of before and a flavor that is not readily available either. That should really help spice things up at your friend or loved one’s birthday party! 

Mint Chocolate Cake Flavor

While mint chocolates are quite common, mint chocolate flavored cakes are less heard of. This divine mixture allows you to take in the scrumptious taste of chocolate along with the refreshing taste of mint. If premium quality ingredients are used in the making of this cake, it will leave a lasting taste in your mouth that will have you craving this cake in no time. While it is a rare flavor, you can easily find the recipe online and make it at home. 

Hazelnut Almond Cake Flavor

For all dry nuts fans out there- this one’s for you. This flavor contains not one but two try fruits- hazelnuts and almond. The filling between the cake layers is made from a paste of the dry nuts. Both of them are ground to the point where the dry nuts transform into a paste. The cake itself is vanilla flavored so the taste of the filling is highlighted. The toppings consist of chopped almonds and hazelnuts so you can enjoy the dry nut goodness in not just paste form but also as whole nuts!

Grasshopper Pie

GettyImages/Alexandra Grablewski/DigitalVision

Pink Champagne Cake Flavor

Alcohol and cake- can there be a better combination? Champagne flavored cakes are a quite common flavor for weddings but who is to say you can not enjoy this flavor on a birthday or a fancy dinner party? The taste of the cake dominantly comes from champagne, as the name suggests. While you can make the cake at home, it would be a good idea to buy it from a well-known bakery because getting a pink champagne cake flavor right can be quite tricky.