Unspoken Flight Rules

Jun 15, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Several restrictions must be followed when flying. You must check in before your trip, your baggage cannot exceed a particular weight, smoking is prohibited aboard, and you must wear your seat belt. These regulations are obligatory and must be followed when we fly. But what about the less clear rules of air travel? The etiquette is assumed but not necessarily communicated to everyone. Here are several air travel rules that should be plain sense but, for some reason, aren’t. Are your seatbelts buckled? Let’s go.

It’s time to get off the plane and wait for the folks in front of you to start going towards the exit. For starters, it exudes a sense of hopelessness. Standing up and hunching over your seatmates will not speed up the leaving procedure. Staying in your seat is not just irritating, but it is also a practical need. Some individuals assume that because the seat can recline, you have the right to do so.

The rest of us are decent individuals. Leaning back is ok if you’re napping on a lengthy trip. Keep your seat erect if everyone else is eating and drinking. Overhead boxes are not like parking meters; you should not take the first available spot you see: Don’t try to game the system by putting your bags at the front of the plane; this disrupts the commonly natural flow of things. On the other hand, I am a sucker for the window seat. I could spend hours looking out the window at the clouds in mid-flight.

And what happens when we get close to our destination? I switch off the movie and pay attention to the genuine entertainment outside my window. Understand, however, that while everyone else is attempting to sleep, your appreciation of the window view does not outweigh everyone else’s comfort levels. It is important to note that with each seat comes significant responsibilities.