Unusual Holidays Celebrated Worldwide

Jul 09, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Everyone is always looking forward to holidays where you have special free time for yourself and your loved ones. It might Interest you that there are holidays you never knew existed. Chocolate mint day, Yeah, that’s right, you are now permitted to eat chocolate, especially chocolate mint, on February 19th. This is a special day for the National Confectioners Association in the U.S, but it wouldn’t be special without you. Wikipedia day; every day on January 15th, Wikipedians worldwide celebrate the birth of Wikipedia. National cleavage ay is the definition of the saying do not judge a book by its cover. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, or you can fake it. It still counts. This holiday falls on March 4th, and its proceedings go to the Sunflower Fund, which helps South Africans affected by blood diseases.

Setsubun is an International bean throwing day, a holiday in Japan. It is usually around February 3rd. On this day, the Japanese throw soybeans around their houses and other places to chase evil spirits and ogres. Every year on January 4th, national Spaghetti day is celebrated. Every year, pasta orders in restaurants and eateries are off the roof. Talk about weird, but this is one of my favorites. January 21st is set aside to celebrate national hugging day. It is a day to show love, care, and affection. We should do this every day, not until we are compelled to hug someone on January 21st.

Man throwing soy beans in the air

Getty Images/Moment/Lucas Nino

No Dirty Dishes Day has got to be every mom’s favorite holiday; you can celebrate this day by washing dishes. Or not using dishes, but anyhow you decide to celebrate it no Dirty Dishes! Panic or Picnic Day is one of the strangest holidays, but its purpose is to help people reduce and manage stress. Every year on June 18th, feel free to relieve your stress and worries by going for a picnic. Take all your worries out and relax. The day also coincides with the picnic day celebrations.