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Venice's New Travel Guidelines

Jul 26, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Visitors are enchanted by the beautiful city of Venice, which has a seductive allure. It has a mysterious and dramatic undertone and is dreamy and romantic. And although Carnival only occurs once a year, its spirit is ever-present. Gondoliers sing to the passengers on their boats as they go around the Grand Canal, which is the hub of activity. The narrow lanes of the canal are lined with chic cafés, galleries, small enterprises, gift stores, Renaissance castles, and Gothic cathedrals. Another must-visit location is the gorgeous Piazza Sam Marco Visit the Gallerie dell Accademia after scaling the Campanile, then take a stroll around the nearby districts where inhabitants eat Cicchetti and sip wine in unpretentious taverns and eateries.

The city of Venice is about to make history by becoming the first in the world to charge an entrance fee and demand reservations from visitors. In April, the announcement was made, but now we have a date: Simone Venturini, the tourist councilor for Venice, revealed last week at a press conference that the new booking system will go into effect on January 16, 2023. People must reserve a seat and pay an admission charge before entering the lagoon city, which varies from €3 to €10 depending on the number of visitors: the more requests for admittance on any given day, the more expensive the fee. Calling the new policy a “revolution,” the overpopulation issue was addressed.

This autumn is the planned launch date for the online platform and reservation system. There will be no charge for Veneto residents, although reservations are still required. Those who live there, have children under the age of six, are disabled, own a residence, are there for medical reasons, are visiting relatives, or are tourists going to a sporting or cultural event are all excluded from paying the price. Tourists will pay tax through their hotel. Overnight hotel guests are another significant group of tourists who would not be obliged to pay an admission charge. The penalty range for ticket breaches will be from €50 to €300.