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Wallows' "Tell Me That It's Over" Reviewed

May 28, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Wallows, an American alternative rock trio, have recently shot to fame after their breakout single “Are You Bored Yet,” a collaboration with Clairo, greatly impressed listeners. The band is headed by actor Dylan Minette, who starred in Netflix’s controversial offering, 13 Reasons Why. Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston from the rest of the band. They began releasing music in 2017 and their single, “Pleaser” reached the Spotify Top 50 chart. The band has since pumped out music with great consistency, keeping fans’ appetites sated.

The band recently saw the release of its sophomore album, Tell Me That It’s Over. Its themes are consistent with their first album, Nothing Happens, as they talk about love, melancholy, and tackling insecurities. Wallows has the ability to craft their messages through the most gripping sound, as their songs are creatively produced but still somehow have a raw feeling to them. The album flows seamlessly as the songs are intricately arranged for the best, immersive listening experience. The first song, “Hard to Believe” is the perfect opener, setting the album’s tone smoothly.

 Cole Preston, Dylan Minnette and Braeden Lemasters of Wallows attend Spotlight: Wallows at The GRAMMY Museum on September 22, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Timothy Norris

The album shows Wallows’ ability to be versatile as they blend pop with alternative rock effortlessly, leaving something to admire for listeners of each genre. “Guitar Romantic Search,” a fitting close to the album, is a song that sees the trio wistfully reminisce over nostalgic moments of a relationship. “Hurts Me,” a generic pop hit, is a testament to Wallows’ ability to dabble into multiple genres. Throughout the album, synths and creative electronic beats are generously used. The band’s sound is easily recognizable as they stay true to their roots but still venture into the unknown to keep fans excited. “At the End of the Day” is a bittersweet song about a relationship that is set up for failure. Minette’s vocals are his best yet as he delivers delicate lyrics remarkably.