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We Have Some Exciting News About Trader Joe's

Jun 18, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

Alright, vegans, get excited! Trader Joe’s is testing a vegan “milk” chocolate bar and the world is ready. Due to dietary restrictions and food trends, many things have become veganized. There are so many vegan foods and dishes that are available, but a lot of desserts and chocolate bars depend on cocoa powder and cacao nibs to get that taste we’re all looking for. But while those replacements are okay, it would be nice to have some actual chocolate chips. In the most recent episode of the podcast Inside Trader Joe’s, Tara Miller, the company’s Director of Words, Phrases, and Clauses shared that the grocery chain is working on a full vegan “milk” chocolate.

Miller said that the product is still in development but it has been approved by the company’s tasting panel. The “milk” in the chocolate is almond milk. “But I wouldn’t have known the difference,” Miller says, “if I wasn’t told it would’ve just tasted like creamy milk chocolate. I feel like our vegan customers are going to absolutely flip when they see this product,” Miller added. And to be honest, we’re sure they will.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Trader Joe’s also recently dropped a new seasoning blend. We all know how popular their “Everything but the Bagel” sesame seasoning is, so we except this new blend to go flying off the shelves as well. There are some people in this world who love corn. They love Chipotle bowls and corned beef. They can eat ears of corn for dinner. And Trader Joe’s has been taking note, catering to these corn lovers. The supermarket has been slowly building up its corn offerings, from the frozen aisle’s Mexican Style Roasted Corn with Cotija Cheese to the snack aisle’s Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers. And now they are adding the Everything But Elote Seasoning Blend! Just like Trader Joe’s signature Everything but the Bagel seasoning, the elote seasoning blend similarly turns your dish into a world-renowned Mexican snack.