What Chipotle Is Testing At Their NEXT Kitchen

What Chipotle Is Testing At Their NEXT Kitchen

By - June 28, 2018

Many of us are completely in love with Chipotle and don’t want to ever try going somewhere else, which can be a problem, it’s important to branch out of our comfort zone sometimes.  Well, they’ve got our best interest and our taste buds at heart at all times, which is why they are starting to stray away from the classic menu items such as burritos and tacos.


Rumor has it that they are working on some new and exciting menu items that are being tested out at their NEXT Kitchen, and all our stomachs are so ready.  Sources have revealed that they are trying out nachos, quesadillas, Mexican inspired chocolate milkshakes with some cinnamon and spice, salad with citrus and avocado dressing, avocado tostados, and even a tangy and boozy frozen Paloma.  Each and every item sounds mouth-wateringly delicious.


Clearly Chipotle has decided to go through a serious makeover, and no one of us are complaining.  BRB, going to Chipotle.


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