Why Video Content Marketing Reigns Supreme

Feb 13, 2022 ByMarc Gordon

With the thousands of businesses competing for a spot on the market today, marketing teams have to devise strategies to catch and maintain the attention of their ideal customers. However, humans have an eight-second attention span, lower than a goldfish, so every campaign directed at customers should maximize this. In addition, businesses can communicate valuable insights and create an emotional bond with customers thanks to video marketing. So, why should brands incorporate more video content into their overall marketing strategy?

With written content marketing, it’s not easy to transmit brand messages to evoke trust. However, with video, brands can use body language, visuals, and tone to evoke an emotional response from prospects. 

Another reason is the engagement video marketing generates. People are more likely to share video content than written content because an average consumer spends about 100minutes per day watching video content. In addition, statistics show that consumers are most 27times more likely to click on a video Ad than a banner ad. 

Landing pages with video content also have higher conversion rates than their counterparts using only written content because sharing videos of your services and its usage shines an additional spotlight and adds extra value to customers. 

 Handsome bearded man making video with smartphone indoors

GettyImages/Jasmin Merdan/Moment

About 37% of users watch videos until their end because videos are more attractive. The dynamic nature of videos, visuals and more interactive nature makes it more appealing to users. Additionally, video content can incorporate other marketing mediums; a video can contain multiple images, articles, and even a podcast. It’s like killing three birds with a single stone.

Lastly, search engines love videos and are easier to rank than text content. Video content can achieve in one post that it takes over four articles to get high rankings on search engines. Videos can also reach wider audiences as more people are consuming video content online than ever before.