Woman Demands Insane Amount For Wedding Guests To Pay

Woman Demands Insane Amount For Wedding Guests To Pay

By - September 4, 2018

Rumor has it that planning a wedding can be rather stressful and come with no shortage of drama. This seems to be exactly the case for a bride-to-be that really wanted to ”be a Kardashian for a day”.


Unfortunately, getting married like A Kardashian is no simple or cheap task and required a $60,000 wedding that her and her husband were not able to afford. So what did she do? She decided to ask her guests to pay for it in order to make her dream wedding a reality.


The couple asked each guest to pay $1,500 dollars instead of a cake. If that’s out of budget, then sorry, but not sorry, just don’t bother even attending (or talking to us ever again).  The bride made it very clear that this is an exclusive party that is only for those contribute to the cause.


Well, in the end, the party is never going to actually happen. The bride and groom broke up after most of their guests refused to pay for the overly exaggerated wedding. After the breakup, the bridezilla took to social media to explain the situation.



In her emotional post, she announces that the wedding was called off due some insolvable problems, and that she will be leaving the country to travel, and hopefully make some new friends and family that haven’t stabbed her in the back, and to please not contact her.





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